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Jace Pawlak has been a singer-songwriter for 20 years, with more than 500 published songs to his credit that are available for licensing on your next CD or movie soundtracks.    Jace's catalog is a mix of musical styles and genres, although Jace is perhaps best known for his melodic rock work. 

If you enjoy Jace's Music and songwriting then please help support his future efforts buy purchasing one of the digital downloads.   He can also provide custom written songs for your individual needs.  

You can read more about Jace Here.


Tonight Is Everything

Before You Run

Every Now And Then

Too Late

Trying Not To Love You


Leap Of Faith

Late On Loving You

Can't Find Your Heart

Nothing But Rain



While Were Here

What If We Were Wrong

Don't Talk To Me

The Unknown

Jodi's Just Running

We Don't Know Anything

Renegade Heart

The Same Mistake

Little Star

Chasing Magic 

World Is Wide

Room To Run