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Interview with Jamie Roxx at Pop Roxx Radio

Jamie Roxx talks to Jace about working for Disney World, his first album Stolen Season, how he first became aware that you could write songs for a living, the ins and outs of recording, the benefits of Kickstarter, his studio behavior, his video commentaries, how he wrote and recorded a custom song for someone's wedding, and mutual love of the band Honeymoon Suite!

Interview with Brian Lush from Rockwired

Brian Lush talks to Jace about the diversity of his album Perspective, his process for producing music, his experience arranging songs, the good and bad of having his songs covered by other bands, growing up in a house full of music and instruments, the story of the song "Cry" and "Don't Talk To Me", and his process of songwriting. 

Interview with Peggy Murphy from Indie 104 Radio

The Metal Suductress, Peggy Murphy,  talks to Jace about his incredible luck, his occasional nightmares that he has a "real job" sitting behind a desk for a living again, his luck in making a living in music despite having no training in music, lessons, or the ability to read music, his experience playing a song on stage with Bryan Adams, the Kindred Saint album he made with his father and brother, keeping track of so many random song ideas, what he listens to for enjoyment, the struggle to be heard and find an audience, the story of the song "The Unknown", how supportive his parents have always been, and the plans for the next 2 or 3 albums. 

Interview with K-rock from The Marr Army rock Show

K-rock talks to Jace about how his mother helped him discover songwriters, writing songs for other bands, his very supportive family, the story of teh song "Renegade Heart", his fans around the globe, and his job at Disney World. 

Interview with Dave Darin from 365 Radio Network

Dave Darin and Jace discuss studio work and the process of letting songs and ideas breathe a little bit, the recording process, the story of the song "While We're Here", the people Jace would love to have record his songs, how hands on Jace is when other bands record his songs, his favoite covers of his songs, what he hopes people take away after listening to work, and what projects he has coming up next.

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