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Jace has written and released four albums of original material: Promise, Perspective, Chasing Magic, & Stolen Season

Jace is also part of the band Kindred Saint, along with his father, Dennis, and brother, Trevor. 

Dozens of Jace's songs are covered on the melodic rock albums shown below his original recordings discography. 

Promise (2016)

Promise is the culmination of twenty years of Jace being a songwriter and a music junkie. This is the album he has wanted to make all his life. Pulling from all the influences and music that filled his life in his formative years, Jace employed his full abilities in songcraft to make the best melodic rock album of his career. In the classic vein of bands like The Storm, Bad English, Nelson, Journey, Survivor, and Danger Danger, Promise is loaded with hooks, stellar guitar work, and layers of lush vocal harmonies. On this album Jace utilized other backups vocalists to give the choruses a big full sound.

Jace also asked fellow singer and friend Pete Lents to lend his incredible, smooth lead vocals to two tracks. 
The album was mixed and mastered to tight perfection by Ty Sims, a well respected engineer in the genre who, in addition to a long list of credentials,  did the last House Of Lords album, "Indestructible."  
The graphic design was masterminded by long time Jace friend and collaborator John Kivel, who went all out to give the kind of look and feel Jace always wanted on one of his albums. 

All of these elements combined have created a solid slice of harmony drenched, hook filled AOR. 

You can listen to all tracks on the HOME PAGE

Perspective (2015)

Perspective is a mix of what Jace is best known for: a little melodic rock, a couple acoustic songs, a piano ballad or two, and a little bit of style change here and there to round it out. This album is a collection of songs Jace has written as far back as 2006 and as recently as 2014. It touches on everything fans of Jace will expect as well as a song or two outside the box. 

You can listen to all tracks on the HOME PAGE

"Songwriting at its finest"

 Bob Watkins- Uberrick

Stolen Season (2005)

Stolen Season is Jace’s independently released debut album. Written and recorded between 2002 and 2004 in Orlando, Florida, it highlights the first time he delved into serious songwriting. The influences on Stolen Season are rather varied and include Bryan Adams, James Taylor, Def Leppard, Indigo Girls, Jude Cole, and others. Stolen Season focuses on song structure, vocal harmonies, memorable hooks, and, above all, melody. Since its indie release Stolen Season has received positive reviews and caught the ear of Rob Evans at Powerplay Magazine, as well as piquing the interest of John Kivel at Kivel Records. In fact, it contains the song “Let Me Sleep” which is the first of Pawlak's songs to be covered by another band (Goodbye Thrill). Stolen Season consists of up tempo songs like “Out Of Reach” and “Table For Two”, melodious ballads like “The Edge Of Goodbye” and “Should’ve Been You”, acoustic tunes “Take Me Back” and “Nothing In The Way”, and a bit of lyrical depth in “Lost”. 
Stolen Season is where Jace's songwriting career began.

You can listen to all tracks on the HOME PAGE

Chasing Magic (2011)

Chasing Magic is Jace’s melodic rock album released on Kivel Records in 2011. It is a collection of tunes in the vein of Jace’s favorite rock bands such as Night Ranger, Journey, and Def Leppard.  Jace is joined by his father Dennis (lead & rhythm guitars, bass, backing vocals) and his brother Trevor (guitars & backing vocals), who deliver some stellar guitar work. Together, they weave a set of tunes that showcase soaring anthemic choruses, melodic guitar work, and hooks upon hooks. The album also features Jace’s own version of his songs “Fine Line” and “Have It All’, both made popular by the band FARCRY. Chasing Magic is all about guitars, harmonies, and above all, melody.

You can listen to all tracks on the HOME PAGE

Kindred Saint (2010)

Gypsy Road

Sinister Lady

Am I The One


KINDRED SAINT is a hard rock band originally based in the Midwest. Their self titled debut is a collection of tunes penned by band founder Dennis Pawlak, joined by sons Trevor Pawlak and Jason Pawlak. The band features dual lead vocals, stacked harmonies, copious hooks, and driving rhythms that deliver more guitars than an ear can handle. The writing and production are influenced by the hard rock of the 70′s and early 80′s, including artists such as Kiss, Night Ranger, Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Sammy Hagar, and others. From the layered harmonies of “Am I The One” and guitar-saturated “Shotgun”, to the hard driven, hook-filled “Gypsy Road”, to the epic finale of “I’ll Be Back, Someday (maybe)”, Kindred Saint is solid hard rock and roll.

Albums featuring Jace songs

"Bulletproof" (2016)

When We Were Young

Give Me A Reason*

The Edge Of Goodbye

Anything Can Change*


*written by Jace & Scott Miller

When We Were Young written by Jace & Stephen Chesney

Tunnel Vision*, Bad Reputation, Too Many Roads, Tomorrow Never Comes, Heaven's Falling*, New Addiction*, Change My World*, Nothing But Rain 

"Charming Devil" (2014)

Tomorrow Never Comes written by Jace & Jimi Bell

"Optimism" (2011)

Better Than This

"High Gear" (2008)

Fine Line

Have It All

The Same Mistake

Out Of Reach

"Identity Crisis" (2012)

Corners Of My Mind

Back To Life*


Calling Out*

"Damage Control" (2009)

Step By Step*

"Goodbye Thrill" (2007)

Let Me Sleep

Leap Of Faith

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